Make backups off almost any support with this powerful program

Are you sick of copy & pasting? Are you unsure whether your current tape system copies correctly? Would you like to distribute your storage in order to avoid failures and disasters? With MultiCopia you won’t have any of these worries. It is the only software of its type that is able to copy archives between multiple servers in a secure and comfortable way, whilst keeping you informed of all its actions.

MultiCopia 2005 has been verified by the European Institute of Software and accredited by the Society for Re-conversion Industrial (SPRI). Designed with the latest technology, and using the new media available, MultiCopia will save your data in any location in the world, at full speed and meets all the user’s needs, for example breaking the barrier of 4Gb for files, or simply programming copies of all the computers of your network, from and towards any geographic location at different times, and all this from only one application.

Furthermore it will give you storage statistics, volume growth data, capacity of lines of communication capacity graphs, it will also tell you whether the infrastructure of network is loosing transmission capacity. It also includes a powerful FTP client and is multilingual.



MultiCopia 2k5